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About 2.0

You may have noticed this blog isn’t so omnium gatherum anymore. The last 10 posts have all been on the same topic – television.

Well the rumors are true (I started them; they didn’t spread too far), The Omnium Gatherum is changing. It is transitioning to The Omnium Televisum, or the actual new name, Rachelley Talks Telly. From now on, this blog shall only bother itself with the art of television commentary.

Television has no boundaries, and in the second decade of the 21st century, at some time, on some channel there is a show on that entertains, or at least peaks the interest, of nearly every person.

I believe that to be true–even for those people who claim that they never watch television and that they don’t even own a television. Well to the former claim I say those people are liars, and to the latter, television is available online so they have no excuse. And if you have something against images moving across a screen, may I suggest hopping in a time machine and setting the year to pre-galloping horses.

Stay tuned….

Rachelle Stein-Wotten

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