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TV screenings at VFS and choosing what to spec

September 8, 2013

Week two at Vancouver Film School, we were notified that we must attend 12 screenings for television shows currently on the air. We have to. It’s mandatory. In other words, life sucks. Go ahead and cry for me, if you feel so moved.

These are the shows we can choose from to write our first spec script.

The shows we are required to watch, hand-picked by the VFS writing instructors, are:

It’s a diverse list (there’s even a Canadian show!), and includes multi-camera sitcom, crime, thriller, single-camera comedy, supernatural, animated and cable and network shows.

The Mindy Project

“The Mindy Project.” Courtesy Fox.

I’ve seen/follow 7 of the 12 shows on this list. This either means that a) I watch a lot of TV shows; or b) I watch a lot of quality TV shows. The answer, my friends, is both.

Aside from deciding what to wear to these exclusive screenings (I’m thinking a one-shouldered evening gown with a two-foot train – the one shoulder says, I’m fancy, but I can get down to party, if necessary), I have to choose a show to spec.

Realistically, I could see myself spec’ing The Mindy Project or Parks and Recreation. Elementary, which I’m a big fan of, particularly the writing, would be challenging, but if I could pull it off, would be very rewarding.

"Elementary." Courtesy CBS.

“Elementary.” Courtesy CBS.

As for the other shows, I’ve fallen out of love with Castle, recently. The Beckett-Castle love story and father issues became a little too trite for my taste. I stopped watching Grimm because it’s gory and Modern Family doesn’t do it for me anymore/I don’t understand why Claire is so crazy. Maybe they could do an episode about her going to the doctor to get a prescription for mood stabilizers (that will be my spec!)

Previously on this well cared for blog, I have shared my distaste for the show entitled 2 Broke Girls, so I will not rehash that here. I’ve seen one episode of Eastbound and Down, liked it, then forgot about it. I have not seen any of the other shows so that must mean they suck.

So tell me, readers, do you watch any of these shows? Which ones? If none, what other shows do you watch? If your answer again is none, I would encourage you get off this blog immediately and never visit again, because the blog may be called The Omnium Gatherum, but really, all I talk about is television.

I don’t really care about anything else.

I do, actually, but I don’t care to write about it on here.

I tried, but I got bored.

So, to recap, this is a blog about television.


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