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Could ‘Go On’ starring Matthew Perry be more predictable?

July 31, 2012

One of the best parts about watching the Summer Olympics on NBC is getting a first look at the new fall shows, as it seems every third commercial is a promo for The New NormalRevolution or Guys with Kids.

Go On starring Matthew Perry

“Go On” premieres this fall on NBC. Smiley face mug a little “Mr. Sunshine”, no? Photo courtesy NBC.

But there’s one show premiering in the fall that sees the return of a huge star for NBC.

Matthew Perry stars in new comedy Go On. So, let us sit down and share the story of what this show is about:

Perry plays a sports radio host.

Go on….

He’s emotionally stunted.

Sounds familiar, but go on….

HIs wife died in a car crash while texting.

Seems like Hollywood is really picking up on the texting while driving is bad. Please, go on….

He is forced to go to group therapy to work out his issues and learn to be a team player.

Go on….

The therapist is hot.

Oh crap.

Of course there’s a crazy cat lady in group therapy. Why is there never a crazy dog lady? There is something mentally unhinged with women who refer to themselves in the third person, as “Mommy”, to their tiny dogs. You don’t have to tell him what to call you, he’s never going to speak. I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten a burrito bigger than those rat-faced weirdos.

So many elements of this show sound like a repackaging of the failed Mr. Sunshine that Perry starred in last year. And a lot of that was Chandler Bing only richer and more suave (or was supposed to be at least).

Now I have no problem with NBC making The Chandler Bing Show. I still don’t know why Chandler never had a guest appearance on the laugh-out-loud hilarious Friends followup, Joey. They were best friends and they didn’t even exchange a phone call? Must have been the time zone difference.

Sadly, Mr. Go On doesn’t star Alison Janney, whom I thought was brilliant on Sunshine. But, I’m moving on, and I hope Go On does as well instead of rehashing the same character elements (I don’t have super high hopes because the show’s creator was created by Scott Silveri, an executive producer on Friends. He also did Joey. Clearly he is having difficulty getting past that show.)

If Go On can avoid stereotyping characters, give Matthew Perry a beyond shallow role and avoid a romantic tryst with the therapist lady (really, Hollywood, again?) this show could actually go on to be something enjoyable (see what I did there?). Otherwise, see you next pilot season, Matthew Perry. Maybe they could just make his role on The Good Wife bigger – it’s like The West Wing all over again!

Update: I’m currently developing a sitcom about crazy dog ladies and guys. I’m thinking Matthew Perry can star as the critical, emotionally aloof, joke-cracking television executive who is forced to develop a reality show that follows the dog people through their obsession and unnatural relationships with their pet-children.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. July 31, 2012 11:50 pm

    Chnandler Bong! I miss you so!
    NBC just stole your idea and it premieres after The Voice.

  2. August 2, 2012 1:40 am

    OH Matty… maybe take your millions and call it a day? I sadly won’t be tuning into this one…

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